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Zero trading costs




The trading commission when we buy and sell equities is borne by us, not our clients.

We receive no sell-side research.

We show every holding every month.

The only international equity investment held by Aoris staff is our International Fund.

We manage a single investment portfolio.

We are 100% owned by staff and directors.



We have structured our business to help us deliver the best possible long-term client outcomes.

Our vision is to be the best international equity manager in the industry, as measured by long-term client outcomes.

Our Values

1. Clients first

Our clients have many investment choices so we must earn the right to be a custodian of a portion of their wealth by delivering outstanding results.

We are here for our clients.

2. Simplicity

Complexity often sounds sophisticated, but we believe it will undermine our ability to invest well.

We believe in mastering simplicity.

3. Integrity and authenticity

We will operate as if our clients are in the room.

We will honour our commitments and do what we say we will do.

4. Collaboration

We will achieve our best results when we work together.

Collaboration involves being good listeners as the best ideas and challenges may come from the quietest or most junior of us.

5. Continuous improvement

Everything we do we can do better.

We want to make small but meaningful improvements in how we operate and how we invest every year, knowing that the cumulative effect of these iterations is powerful.

6. Humility

To be great doesn’t mean to be perfect, but it does require humility.

We need to have humility to recognise investment errors, to acknowledge our biases, and to appreciate when someone else has a better idea.

Owner's Manual

Our Owner’s Manual will help you understand in some detail how we are structured as a business and our reasoning behind key choices we have made.

It also explains how we analyse companies, make investment decisions and construct portfolios, and why we operate as investors the way we do.