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Quality First, Value Investing

Welcome to Aoris Investment Management

Long-term investors in quality, value and resilience

We aim to grow long-term wealth through a disciplined, focused and aligned investment strategy.

We invest in a single portfolio of 15 highly profitable, market-leading, global businesses that meet our demanding quality, value and resilience criteria.

We aim to earn a return of 8–12% p.a. after fees over a 5–7-year market cycle.

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Quality, Value and Resilience.



Quality to us is about investing in highly profitable, market-leading, growing businesses. They create wealth for shareholders by earning a sustainably high ROIC and reinvesting capital at attractive incremental rates of return.



We believe the price we pay matters. That's why we look to own high-quality, growing businesses that are at, or below, their intrinsic value today.



The businesses we own are resilient to economic stress and to competitive challenges, and adaptable to the changing needs of their customers. Time makes them stronger.


Portfolio companies

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February 2024

We believe exceptional businesses, owned through a commonsense and disciplined investment approach, provide the best way to both protect capital and grow it through time.