Invest in Aoris via ASX mFund

The mFund Settlement Service allows you to buy, hold and sell units in the Aoris International Fund Class B (Unhedged) and Class D (Hedged) through a process similar to buying and selling shares.

Your holdings in these funds are held electronically and can be linked to the same Holder Identification Number (HIN) used to hold other investments transacted through ASX.

mFund benefits

Less paperwork – the service uses CHESS for settlement, an electronic system used for ASX share transactions, replacing the traditional paper-based process

Transparency –mFund holdings can be tracked against your holder identification number (HIN)

Ease - you can easily buy (apply for) and sell (redeem) units via a participating broker

Confidence – uses established ASX Operating Rules

How to invest


Read PDS and additional information


Contact a participating broker


Instruct your broker to place an order


mFund confirmation and CHESS statement sent to you

By using CHESS, orders for units are sent electronically, this enables progress of orders to be monitored, and at settlement for unit balances to be recorded on your HIN alongside other investments; providing greater transparency over your holdings.

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